Do you need a legal superhero for your website?

Legal compliance matters to your business in other areas, but is your website legally compliant? Our team have designed a legal package so your business can have a website that meets legal requirements and protects your business, whilst giving you peace of mind.

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Customer Trust

Having the correct documentation, notices & other legal measures on your website will increase its credibility.

Lower risk

If your website is not legally compliant you could face legal issues around GDPR, accessibility or privacy.

Peace of Mind

You won't have to worry about the legal aspects of your website, allowing you to focus on your business!

How do we get your website compliant?

Step 1

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Full Audit

We will carry out a full audit, including: your terms and conditions, privacy requirements, cookie notice, accessibility, e-commerce (if relevant), security protection and other legal requirements.

Step 2

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Based on our audit, we will amend any existing documents and add required ones. We will also make recommendations on how your website could improve its compliance to the law.

Step 3

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You will be provided all the documents which we've created/amended to add to your website. You will also receive a certificate of compliance and a badge to add to your website.

Step 4

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Maintenance is one of the most important aspects - because the law and your business can change! We will provide you with telephone support free of charge for the whole year.

Now comes the trust factor

Who will make your website compliant?

Michael Coyle


My name is Michael Coyle and I started Lawdit Solicitors in 2001. We are based in Southampton and our commercial law firm has a heavy emphasis on Intellectual Property and e-commerce law.

Over the past 19 years our company has grown from strength to strength and we are delighted to provide the Stay Legal service moving forward. I know that website legal compliance will become more important in the next decade as more eyes become fixed on the internet and e-commerce usage increases.

My team and I look forward to working with you!

So, you know why, how & who. But...

What will you actually get for your website?

privacy policy

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Our solicitors will review or write a legally-compliant Privacy Policy for your website which encompasses all activities that your website is used for (such as e-commerce).

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Cookie Notice

Orange background, blue icon representing a cookie policy

In-line with the GDPR Data Protection Act 2018, we will prepare a Cookie Notice for you to use on your website and advise on how to allow customers to pick cookies.

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Terms & Conditions

Orange background, blue icon representing terms and conditions

You will receive a full T&C's to display on your website. This is one of the most important aspects of your website and will keep you safe in-case of a dispute.

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IP Notice

Orange background, blue icon representing copyright

Your business owns intellectual property and this should be protected. We will write an IP Notice to display on your website and can help if your business is not registered.

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Accessibility notice

Orange background, blue icon representing accessibility

Many people don't realise that there are laws around accessibility of websites. We will help you to be compliant and get an accessibility notice on your website.

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Compliance certificate

Orange background, blue icon representing a certifiate

To demonstrate trust to your customers, you will receive a compliance certificate which can be displayed on your website (and framed in your office!)

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And finally...

What feedback do we get for Stay Legal?

any questions?

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