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Why you should focus on your online presence in 2022!

The digital sector is one of the United Kingdoms (UK) most important sectors. It has a substantial economic value and has the potential to increase growth and innovation. The UK’s government has continued to improve policy and prepare legislation, that acknowledges the benefits of an open and thriving digital sector. In the UK’s non-financial sector e-commerce sales in 2018 were around £688 billion, which was a growth of 18% from the previous year and the greatest increase since comparable records began in 2014. The House of Lords’ 2018 report titled, ‘UK advertising in a digital age’ stated that digital advertising amounted to over half of all advertising for the first time in the UK in 2017.

In March 2017, the government published its policy paper, digital strategy in preparation for post-Brexit. The strategy paper aims to encourage future investment into the digital sector to assist the country in its position as a global hub for digital technology. Additionally, the Digital Economy Act 2017 introduced a range of measures such as powers for UK regulators to introduce a statutory code.

The Office for National Statistics published that online retail had an overall growth of 74.7% in the value of sales in November 2020 when compared with November 2019. Statista has stated that “in 2020, as high as 87 percent of UK households made online purchases within the preceding 12 months, making this the highest online purchase penetration rate in the country in the past 11 years”.

Operating online saves a business the running costs of a high street store and potentially increases its customers significantly as the whole world can be its audience, just look at Amazon for example. With the increased pool of customers, competition online can be fierce adding benefits to consumers such as value for money.

The Covid-19 pandemic shut down highstreets, towns, and city’s forcing people to remain at home. With traditional methods of shopping for goods and services closed, consumers are moving their trade online increasing the value of the digital sector further.

With all this in mind it is vital that your website looks right, provides the required information, documents, and policies. Failure to do so will lead to a lack of trust in the website which will ultimately decrease activity and sales for the business.

A Lawdit Stay Legal Package can provide your website will all the documents it needs to comply with the law. The documents will also put legal safeguards in place to assist and protect if a dispute were to arise. A legally compliant website looks right and therefore gets more trade as nobody trusts a website that looks wrong. Your website is worth investing in as your online presence is now more essential than ever before. There is no need to delay, so book today!

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