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Who invented Bitcoin?

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There has been a continuing dispute over who invented Bitcoin. Sastoshi Nakamoto is known as the inventor but that name is a fictitious.

Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist is one of several people who claim to be Sastoshi Nakamoto. It has been reported that Mr Wright recently accused several crypto web portals of copyright infringement over publishing the original white paper which covered the concept of Bitcoin. Mr Wright has demanded the platforms take the document down.

One platform, has stated that the claims are “without merit” and have refused to remove the document. The platforms claim that Mr Wright has failed to prove he is Sastoshi Nakamoto.

In May 2019, Mr Wright attempted to register the white paper with the United States Copyright Office. His attempt was rejected as the Office did not recognise Mr Wright as the author. In early 2020, Mr Wright accused some platforms of failing to obtain a license to use his Bitcoin database registry.

Craig Wright’s claims that he invented Bitcoin have never been legally proven.

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