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The A’s to your Q’s on e-commerce!

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What is e-commerce and why is it so important?

In short, e-commerce is the term covering the buying and selling of goods and services online. Traditional commerce has always come in a physical form, e.g. the customer visiting a shop and purchasing goods in person, however, in an ever-growing tech world, everything is moving online. It is very rare these days that a business who offers services and sells goods doesn’t have a place online where they promote this or offer a platform for customers to purchase.

The e-commerce world will only continue to dominate over the traditional high street shops as time goes on and therefore its never been more important than now to consider.

Where do the rules on e-commerce come from?

With e-commerce being such a growing area, trying to keep up with the advances in technology and the changes in customers spending habits, there are a number of laws which you as a business owner must be aware of.

The main source of legal rules come from the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002 which governs both the UK and the EU. However, it is also important you take note of the data protections rules under GDPR as well as Provision of Services Regulations 2009 (PSRs) if you offer services.

I am just starting up my business: do I need to worry about e-commerce?

Everyone needs to worry about e-commerce and whether you are compliant.

Whether you sell one product or one hundred products, the customer is relying on you to act within their rights and ensure you are acting fairly. If you do not do this, there are serious repercussions which could spell the end for your business before you have even started. Do not let your hard work and business go up in smoke for something you could have solved with a click of a button and a chat to our team.

How can I ensure I am not in breach of any legislation?

While the legislation on this is available to the public, it can be a spiders web when trying to navigate. In order to reduce the stress and provide you with peace of mind, what you need is a one stop shop solution. Stay Legal is the ultimate package for any business to ensure their mind can be put to rest and they are fully compliant.

With differing price points, our Bronze, Silver Gold and Diamond packages offer something for everyone. All packages include contact with our specialist team who are here to hold your hand and guide you through the process.

Now more than ever, internet access to websites has been extremely important and it is essential you are ready for your customers when they visit.

Pick up the phone to the team today and ensure you Stay Legal.

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