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Requirements to assess before starting an online business

Starting an online business in such times appears a good plan, as people around the world have been urged to take their spending habits online. However, there are a few aspects worth considering before you launch yourself into the idea.

Business Identity

As per the Companies Act 2006, you must be sure to disclose certain information, regarding your business, on your website. This information need not be visible on every page or link, however, it should be easily accessible by the consumer. Here you could include a company name, company registration as well as a VAT number.

Privacy Policy

It is highly likely that your business website will demand you to collect customer information, whether it’s a name, address or payment information. Displaying a privacy policy on your website will enable customers to be aware of how you store and utilise this data. Another crucial element worth noting here is the disclosure of cookies. This simply explains how your websites uses cookies in a clear and comprehensive manner and it could be added to your overall privacy policy. If you fail to comply with the requirement, you will likely face a fine at the minimum, with the further possibility of legal action being brought against your business.

T’s & C’s

Another necessity is to inform your website visitors of what behaviour is and isn’t acceptable. This can range from content misuse to information of deliveries, returns and refunds, if it concerns your business. Although terms and conditions are not a legal requirement in the UK, it remains a useful feature to keep on your website, for your own protection.

Intellectual Property

It goes without saying that trade marking your business name, logo or slogan can be sure to provide you with protection, added value and exclusive rights. Once again, this is not a legal requirement, however, if you chose not to register a trade mark, you could find yourself being prevented from expanding your business.

The above information can appear overwhelming and to make matters worse it is only a fraction of what you must consider, when it comes to running an online business. At Stay Legal, we offer to expertly handle your website’s legal compliance, leaving you with more time to focus on the rest of your business. All information on our service and packages can be found on our Stay Legal website. If you would prefer to speak with one of the team, then do not hesitate to get in touch today.

By Lora Krasteva, a student at Southampton Solent University

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