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Stay Diamond!

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£1,950.00 + VAT


*All prices stated are plus VAT.

Our diamond website compliance package (Stay Diamond) is the ultimate package for legal website compliance!

The reason that this package is so unique is that the client can rest easy that its online presence is protected and supported by a regulated team of lawyers throughout the year and that they can pick up the phone any time for advice on anything related to the above.

Including 24/7 phone & email support 365 days of the year + an advanced search of the trademark register – this package really legally protects your business’ website.

What’s included:

  • Complete audit of the website to highlight its compliance issues. Compliance issues will be dealt with.
  • The audit includes IP rights and advice on possible infringement against client if any inherent flaws are noted.
  • Initial 30 minute phone conversation with a qualified solicitor.
  • Unlimited further phone conversations throughout the duration of the process (including a closing phone call).
  • 24/7 all year round maintenance and advice on compliance matters related to the website. This includes monthly monitor check in case of changes in the law.
  • All fully compliant documentation drafted and finalised, such as Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Accessibility Notice, IP Notice and acceptable use policy.
  • An advanced search of the trade mark register in UK and EU.
  • Drafting of a bespoke class specification and the filing of a UK trade mark. Note: excluding filing fees which will be payable on top.
  • Certificate of Compliance to include on website on completion.


  • No recurring costs for your website’s compliance for 1 year.
  • Stress free trading within your business – knowing your website is fully compliant.
  • Ability to contact our solicitors 24/7 will give you a full peace of mind.
  • Policies protect you legally incase of a dispute. This alone can save thousands of pounds in the future.
  • The Certificate of Compliance will create a sense of confidence in customers browsing your website.
  • Intellectual property issues are identified – further protecting you.


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