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News: UK to have its own geographical indications after Brexit


The United Kingdom (UK) Government has announced that the UK will have its own geographical indications (GI) scheme after Brexit. It will be implemented on the 1 January 2021. A GI is a sign used on products which have a specific geographical location and have qualities or a reputation that is connected to that location. The GI indicates that the product originated in a certain place. Some examples of products that may benefit from a UK GI are, Cornish clotted cream, Welsh lamb, and Scotch whisky.

When the transition period ends, UK food and drink products will be able to get a protected designation of origin (PDO), traditional speciality guaranteed (TSG) certificate, or protected geographical indication (PGI).  All of which will guarantee the authenticity of regional and traditional foods for consumers. GI protection will only be given to highlight traditional and regional foods whose origin and authenticity can be guaranteed. GI’s can also help protect British producers from false products aimed at imitation.

The Government has confirmed that all products currently protected by European Union (EU) GI schemes will continue to be protected in the UK and EU after Brexit. New legislation will give legal framework in England, Wales, and Scotland to manage and enforce the GI scheme.

The Environment Secretary, George Eustice has said the new UK scheme will replace the old EU one and it ‘will ensure that we continue to recognise and celebrate protected food names and local recipes across our country.’ It will allow shoppers to ‘pick the best of British.’

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