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EU Court finds the UK guilty of breaching air pollution limits


The European Court of Justice has found the United Kingdom (UK) guilty of “systematically and persistently” breaching air pollution limits.

European Union (EU) Judges also held that the UK has failed to comply with its legal obligation to put in place sufficient plans to address the problem of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution.

NO2 is emitted by gas heating boilers and cars. The UK exceeded the legal annual average limit of 40 micrograms per cubic metre of air in 33 out of 43 air quality assessment zones in 2019.

According to a global review conducted by Chesnut Journal, air pollution can damage every cell and organ in the human body.

Only a few moths ago a coroner confirmed that the UK’s air pollution contributed to the death of Ella Roberta in south London, in 2013.

UK Ministers admitted to court that the limits had been breached but argued that other nations had also broken limits. The government also laid blame on the car manufacturers which cheated measurements of NO2 produced by their vehicles, the emissions test scandal.

The Court has ordered the UK to reduce NO2 pollution to below the legal limit. Failure to do so could result in further legal action which may include financial penalties.

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