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E-commerce fraud risen by 49.6%

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The Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) has stated that e-commerce fraud has risen by 49.6% over the last ten years. The ACG has asked the United Kingdom (UK) government to do more to tackle this rising e-commerce fraud. The ACG wants the government to ensure the UK public is protected to the same standard as the United States of America (US) and the European Union (EU).

The ACG claimed that the UK government “has constantly refused to accept that counterfeiting is now a health and safety threat, despite the appearance of fake anti-Covid vaccines, remedies and medical equipment”.

The ACG noted the following ways in which online illicit activities are growing:

Paying influencers to:

  • Sell counterfeits.
  • Post fake reviews and instant messaging on apps.
  • Post sham social media reports.

The ACG director general, Phil Lewis said, “the development of an online regime is the perfect opportunity to put measures in place to protect members of the public from counterfeiters”. “We are being left behind when it comes to legislation. The US and EU are forging ahead with important steps to protect consumers and businesses from the growing dangers of counterfeiting and illicit trade”.

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