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Chocolate bar maker threatens legal action against vegan snack maker over packaging colour!

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United States firm, Mondelez, the manufacturer of Milka chocolate bars has threatened Primal Pantry, a London based vegan snack maker. Mondelez has instructed Primal Pantry to stop using the lilac packaging on one of its fruit bars. Mondelez stated the packaging “exploits” its trade mark of its Milka chocolate range which uses lilac packaging. Mondelez has threatened to issue a £5,200 penalty every time its trade mark is infringed.

Nature Brands is the owner of Primal Pantry and has denied “hurting” the trade mark. The fruit bars in question were launched in 2016. Managing director of Nature Brands, Adam Draper, stated that, “they have not sought any facts and gone in all guns blazing. We do not think it is the same colour or even in the same spectrum. If they can prove to me the colour is in the range, I will work with them, but I am not going to throw away all our products in the European Union.”

The cost of recall for the products was estimated to be between £30,000 and £50,000 by Mr Draper, but that does not include the fines which have been threatened.

It is reported that Mondelez has given Nature Brands six months to change the packaging.

Mondelez also owns Cadbury, Toblerone, Kenco, and Oreo.

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