Is your website accessible to those with a disability?

All websites should be accessible, especially for those with a disability. All types of disabilities should be considered when designing a website or mobile application. This includes blindness, visual impairment, hearing loss and cognitive or motor impairment. The Equality Act does not specifically cover website accessibility, but it does cover the provision of services, which […]

Brexit: Exports to the EU fall sharply


It has been reported that in the first month since Brexit (1 January 2021 to February 2021), exports of goods to the European Union fell 40.7%. It is worth noting that the latest United Kingdom (UK) Covid-19 lockdown has also contributed to the decline in trade. It is the biggest monthly decline in in British […]

E-commerce regulatory bodies

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This piece is going to briefly discuss some regulatory bodies that are an authority of e-commerce and associated areas. There is no regulatory body that has overall responsibility for the regulation of e-commerce. There are several bodies that enforce certain laws that apply to e-commerce. Some of which are: Chartered Trading Standards Institute – Protects […]

E-commerce fraud risen by 49.6%

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The Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) has stated that e-commerce fraud has risen by 49.6% over the last ten years. The ACG has asked the United Kingdom (UK) government to do more to tackle this rising e-commerce fraud. The ACG wants the government to ensure the UK public is protected to the same standard as the United […]

Brexit: Customers hit with post-Brexit charges


It has been reported that customers in the United Kingdom (UK) have received extra charges when buying goods from the European Union (EU), and customers in the EU have also been hit with extra charges when buying goods from the UK. Despite claims from Boris Johnson that there would be tariff-free trade, customers in the […]

Brexit: Trading with the European Union?


Soon after the Brexit deal was announced, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was quick to state that he had negotiated a tariff-free trade agreement. However, the House of Lords European Union (EU) Goods Sub-Committee has been told that there is no such thing as a tariff-free trade agreement. The international trade policy manager at the Society […]

Who invented Bitcoin?

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There has been a continuing dispute over who invented Bitcoin. Sastoshi Nakamoto is known as the inventor but that name is a fictitious. Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist is one of several people who claim to be Sastoshi Nakamoto. It has been reported that Mr Wright recently accused several crypto web portals of copyright […]

Brexit: Receiving goods from the European Union

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Receiving goods from the European Union (EU) will now be treated in the same way as receiving goods from non-EU countries. For the import of most goods not exceeding £135 the point at which VAT is collected will mostly be at the point of sale rather than the point of importation making it United Kingdom […]

Why you should focus on your online presence in 2021!

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The digital sector is one of the United Kingdoms (UK) most important sectors. It has a substantial economic value and has the potential to increase growth and innovation. The UK’s government has continued to improve policy and prepare legislation, that acknowledges the benefits of an open and thriving digital sector. In the UK’s non-financial sector e-commerce […]

What governs E-signatures?

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This article is going to discuss the use of Electronic signatures. E-signatures are recognised under English law. The legal framework for e-signatures in the United Kingdom (UK) is founded on the Electronic Services Regulations 2014, also known as eIDAS. It came into effect on 1 July 2016 and was applied in the UK with the […]