Which track will your case be on?

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There are 3 categories of cases known as tracks. Small claims track. Fast track. Multi-track. The Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) vary depending on which track your case is allocated to. The small claims track: This is the track for most claims up to £10,000 which will be heard in the County Court. It also covers […]

How are proceedings in court started?

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Time limits: Once a claim has been filed at the court office with the fee paid (issued), the claim form is valid for 4 months (6 months if being served outside the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales). This means that the claimant must dispatch the claim form if serving it within the […]

What is the “overriding objective”?

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The Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) aim to make civil justice fair, efficient and more accessible. They demand a code of behaviour and attitude to dispute resolution with the emphasis being on investigating and preparing the case at an early stage and committing management resources to the resolution of the dispute. Every case that proceeds to […]

Johnny Depp’s libel appeal rejected!

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Throughout the summer of 2020, Johnny Depp’s defamation claim for libel against News Group Newspapers Ltd (The Sun) was hitting the headlines. The case ended with judgement being given on 2 November 2020. The High Court libel trial: Depp brought a libel claim against News Group Newspapers and The Sun’s executive editor, Dan Wotton, over […]

EU Court finds the UK guilty of breaching air pollution limits


The European Court of Justice has found the United Kingdom (UK) guilty of “systematically and persistently” breaching air pollution limits. European Union (EU) Judges also held that the UK has failed to comply with its legal obligation to put in place sufficient plans to address the problem of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution. NO2 is emitted […]

Brexit: EU prepared to take legal action against UK over Northern Ireland


The British government decided to extend the time period which gives Northern Ireland time to adapt to post-Brexit rules without the agreement of the European Union (EU). In response the EU is prepared to launch a two-pronged legal assault on the United Kingdom (UK). It has been reported that it is likely the EU will […]

Supreme Court gives final ruling on Uber drivers employment status!

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On 19 February 2021, the Supreme Court gave judgement on Uber BV v Aslam [2021] UKSC 5. The Supreme Court agreed with the decision of the previous courts, the Court of Appeal judgement which upheld the employment tribunals decision. Private hire vehicle drivers who provided their services through the Uber smartphone app, are “workers” under […]

Brexit: Exporting shellfish to the EU

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The Environment Secretary, George Eustice has stated that the government has been compelled to advise traders that consignments of shellfish are likely to be rejected at European Union (EU) ports. New Brexit bureaucracy has resulted in an EU ban on shellfish imports. The British government has stated that it is a “devastating blow” for the […]