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Brexit: Impacting Welsh car industry


The Welsh Automotive Forum (WAF) have said that the Brexit changes have created challenges for the industry. Checks on imports and new rules regarding the origin of car parts could add to the disruption when they are introduced.

From 1 January 2022 there will be checks on goods arriving from the European Union (EU).

Uncertainty around Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic have caused demand for cars to fall. The Welsh automotive industry which employs up to 16,000 people is facing a challenging period.

Since Brexit (1 January 2021), drivers have had to produce certain paperwork to move goods between the EU and United Kingdom (UK). Some businesses have claimed that they have lost “thousands” due to the new Brexit rules causing disruption at the border. According to WAF, several companies have already been fined for missing deadlines due to problems caused by post-Brexit customs rules. The WAF fears further disruption and challenges when more changes start in January 2022.

The UK government stated it was committed to ensuring the UK continued to be “one of the best locations in the world” for automotive manufacturing. “Our new trade deals and work on exports are creating prosperity and new opportunities for businesses and citizens across the UK, including the Welsh automotive industry”.

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