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Brexit: Delays to pig exports causing issues


Post-Brexit bureaucracy has created issues with exporting pigs to the European Union (EU). The National Pig Association (NPA) stated that there were 100,000 animals in the United Kingdom (UK) unable to enter the food chain. Around a third of the backlog is with farmers in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire.

The backlog has caused pigs to grow to fat to meet the industry standard which then lowers the price of the animal. An NBA advisor has stated that members reported delays due to “excessive bureaucracy” and the new rules governing exports to the EU since Brexit. In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected staffing levels creating problems within the food supply chain.

The chief executive of the British meat Processors Association, Nick Allen said that the new system had been challenging to navigate and that exports to the EU were operating at around half the normal rate. He said, “to my knowledge they have already corrected something like 125 technical issues in the system in the first month”.

The government has said that it continues to work closely with producers to ensure they can take advantage of the opportunities available from being outside of the European Union single market.

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