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Andrew Neil commences defamation proceedings against Jennifer Arcuri!

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It has been reported that former GB News chairman, Andrew Neil has filed a defamation claim against Jennifer Arcuri over a Twitter exchange.

Jennifer is acting as a litigant in person which means she has not instructed legal representation.

In December 2021 the pair publicly started disagreeing with each other on Twitter over the effectiveness of the Coronavirus vaccines. This culminated into personal attacks.

Jennifer Arcuri Tweeted allegations about Andrew Neil’s inclusion in Jeffery Epstein’s address book. She publicly Tweeted that Andrew Neil was on the “pedo elite train”.

In response Andrew Neil stated that the claims were “evil lies” and “vie and untrue accusations”.

Andrew Neil had previously claimed that his presence in Epstein’s address book is because he had met Ghislaine Maxwell in New York in the 1990’s. Neil has claimed that he has never met Epstein by Tweeted, “I’ve never met him, communicated with him, never mind visited any of his properties or been on his planes, cars, buses, helicopters, ponies.”

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