The documents your website should have

There are several documents that most websites should have in order to comply with the law which are as follows: Terms and Conditions: These can generally be split into Terms of Use and Terms of Supply. A website must include Terms of Use which set out the conditions on which a user can use the […]

Competition and Markets Authority fines Facebook £50.5 million!

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The United Kingdom’s (UK) Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has fined Facebook £50.5 million for breaching an enforcement order imposed by the CMA during its investigation on Facebook’s purchase of Giphy. In June 2020, the CMA imposed an enforcement order, which is standard practice at the beginning of an investigation into an acquisition, to prevent […]

How secure is an NFT when it comes to copyright protection?

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An NFT is a piece of metadata which describes the digital asset and provides other information which make the NFT unique, which includes the identity of the copyright owner. This information in not alterable and it is permanently stored in the blockchain. The nature of blockchain means that the information cannot be tampered with. To […]