Chocolate bar maker threatens legal action against vegan snack maker over packaging colour!

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United States firm, Mondelez, the manufacturer of Milka chocolate bars has threatened Primal Pantry, a London based vegan snack maker. Mondelez has instructed Primal Pantry to stop using the lilac packaging on one of its fruit bars. Mondelez stated the packaging “exploits” its trade mark of its Milka chocolate range which uses lilac packaging. Mondelez […]

What are your options when starting a business?

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When starting a new business venture there are several options which you could consider. These are as follows: Sole Trader: A sole trader is one person operating as an individual business. The person is the business which means that liability starts and ends with that person. If the business fails, that person could lose their […]

Australian court states artificial intelligence can be a patent inventor!

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Stay Legal recently published an article where the England and Wales Court of Appeal upheld a decision which stated that artificial intelligence cannot be a listed inventor on a patent. Stephen Thaler, the CEO of Imagination Engines had applied to list his artificial intelligence machine, ‘DABUS’, as the inventor. The DABUS patent has also been […]