Covid-19 contracts: Michael Gove broke the law!

The Good Law Project has succeeded in their second judicial review against the Government’s handing out of Covid-19 contracts. The High Court gave judgment on the first judicial review back on 18 February 2021 and held that Matt Hancock had a common law duty to comply with the transparency policy absent good reason to depart […]

What is Judicial Review?

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Judicial review is the way you challenge a public body on its decision. For judicial review, the defendant must be a public body and the claimant must have a ‘sufficient interest’ in the outcome of the decision to be given standing (be able to bring the case). This usually means that the outcome of the […]

The law that regulates advertisements!

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It is vital that your advertisements comply with the law. Advertising is regulated by a mixture of legislation and self-regulation. You could suffer negative consequences if you get your advertising wrong. This could include: Bad publicity which damages your reputation and brand. Censure (severe disapproval) from regulatory bodies such as the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), […]