Brexit: Intellectual property rights in Gibraltar


Gibraltar has a small population of around 35,000 people but is rated in the top 20 global territories for gross domestic product per head. This is largely due to Gibraltar’s generous tax system, financial services, and internet gambling. The chief executive of Bet365 (online gambling) earned £323 million in 2019. Gibraltar does not have an […]

Offering a sales promotion?

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Sales promotions are seen everywhere, money off, two for one offer, free items with certain orders, time limited offers, prize draws, or competitions. They are valuable marketing tools which can incentivise consumers to purchase a product, purchase more products or, to build/maintain brand awareness. Overall, they can drive up sales volumes. However, when offering a […]

E-commerce fraud risen by 49.6%

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The Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) has stated that e-commerce fraud has risen by 49.6% over the last ten years. The ACG has asked the United Kingdom (UK) government to do more to tackle this rising e-commerce fraud. The ACG wants the government to ensure the UK public is protected to the same standard as the United […]

Supreme Court gives final ruling on Uber drivers employment status!

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On 19 February 2021, the Supreme Court gave judgement on Uber BV v Aslam [2021] UKSC 5. The Supreme Court agreed with the decision of the previous courts, the Court of Appeal judgement which upheld the employment tribunals decision. Private hire vehicle drivers who provided their services through the Uber smartphone app, are “workers” under […]