Brexit: Customers hit with post-Brexit charges


It has been reported that customers in the United Kingdom (UK) have received extra charges when buying goods from the European Union (EU), and customers in the EU have also been hit with extra charges when buying goods from the UK. Despite claims from Boris Johnson that there would be tariff-free trade, customers in the […]

Brexit: Delays to pig exports causing issues


Post-Brexit bureaucracy has created issues with exporting pigs to the European Union (EU). The National Pig Association (NPA) stated that there were 100,000 animals in the United Kingdom (UK) unable to enter the food chain. Around a third of the backlog is with farmers in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire. The backlog has caused pigs to grow […]

Brexit: Musicians touring Europe


New regulations since leaving the European Union (EU) on 31 December 2020 (end of transition period) have made it increasingly difficult for British musicians to tour Europe. Musicians now need visas to tour Europe for work purposes which come at an additional cost. Carnets are also now required at an additional cost. Carnets are temporary […]

Brexit: UK fashion industry facing “decimation”

confused woman

The United Kingdoms (UK) fashion and textile industry is worth £35 billion, and it is facing “decimation” according to an open letter sent to the UK Prime Minister. The letter was sent by over 400 leading figures within the industry and states that the industry faces “decimation” due to the bureaucracy and travel restrictions created […]

Brexit: Exporting shellfish to the EU

two goldfish - one has more stuff inside the bowl than the other

The Environment Secretary, George Eustice has stated that the government has been compelled to advise traders that consignments of shellfish are likely to be rejected at European Union (EU) ports. New Brexit bureaucracy has resulted in an EU ban on shellfish imports. The British government has stated that it is a “devastating blow” for the […]