Brexit: Trading with the European Union?


Soon after the Brexit deal was announced, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was quick to state that he had negotiated a tariff-free trade agreement. However, the House of Lords European Union (EU) Goods Sub-Committee has been told that there is no such thing as a tariff-free trade agreement. The international trade policy manager at the Society […]

Amazon placed on the United States Trade Representative’s “notorious” list

Amazon’s German, Spanish, and United Kingdom’s (UK) platforms have been placed on the United States (US) Trade Representative’s (USTR) 2020 “Notorious Markets” list due to having “high levels of counterfeit goods” on these platforms. European platforms were found to list high volumes of counterfeit goods including,,,,, and Rightsholders are concerned […]

Intellectual property disputes after Brexit

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11pm on the 31 December 2020 signified the end of the transition period. It brought implications for many areas of business and law including the United Kingdom’s (UK) intellectual property (IP) disputes system. IP disputes before 31 December 2020: UK rightsholders could protect their European Union (EU) rights here in the UK. UK courts had […]

Website cookies?

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A cookie is a ‘text file’ which usually contains two pieces of information, a site name and unique user identification. When a user visits a site that uses cookies for the first time, a cookie is downloaded to the device. The next time that site is visited the device sends that information back to the […]

Who invented Bitcoin?

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There has been a continuing dispute over who invented Bitcoin. Sastoshi Nakamoto is known as the inventor but that name is a fictitious. Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist is one of several people who claim to be Sastoshi Nakamoto. It has been reported that Mr Wright recently accused several crypto web portals of copyright […]