News: EU Commission rejects reciprocation on unregistered design protections

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With a possible no-deal Brexit just around the corner, United Kingdom (UK) designers have been dealt a major blow. The European Commission had opted to reject reciprocation between the European Union (EU) and UK on unregistered community design protections. This means that UK designers unregistered rights within the EU will stop on the 31 December […]

News: UK to have its own geographical indications after Brexit


The United Kingdom (UK) Government has announced that the UK will have its own geographical indications (GI) scheme after Brexit. It will be implemented on the 1 January 2021. A GI is a sign used on products which have a specific geographical location and have qualities or a reputation that is connected to that location. […]

What documents should a website have?

There are several documents that a website should have in order to comply with the law. They should be tailored to the website and its needs. In addition to legal compliance, a well drafted document will provide protections for the business if a dispute were to arise. Most documents are needed by all websites whilst […]