What is an information society service?

Other articles have often mentioned information society services (ISS) so this article will discuss in more detail what an ISS is. The E-Commerce Directive aimed to provide free movement of ISS and to regulate providers of ISS across the European Union (EU). The E-Commerce Regulations 2002 defines ISS by reference to the E-Commerce Directive. It […]

What is an intermediation service?

Another article has discussed what e-commerce activities would and would not be classed as an information society service (ISS), in relation to the E-Commerce Directive and the E-Commerce Regulations 2002. It pointed out that intermediation services that form part of other overall services would not be an ISS, but what is an intermediation service. First, […]

Alleged members of a piracy group arrested!

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Three men have recently been arrested and charged with copyright infringement conspiracy. They are Umar Ahmad, Jonatan Correa, and a local Isle of Wight man named George Bridi. It was reported that fifty-year-old George Bridi was detained in Cyprus on an Interpol Red Notice. American lawyers are attempting to extradite Mr Bridi to stand trial […]

Terms and conditions on your website

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A website must include terms which set out the conditions on which a user can use the website. As most websites collect and process personal data, they are likely to be classed as data controllers. As a data controller you have obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). When personal data is collected by […]

Is it an offer or an invitation to treat?

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When it comes to forming contracts, whether electronically or by any other manner, there are some vital factors that must exist for the contract to be enforceable. These are, offer, acceptance, consideration, and an intention to form legal relations. However, there can sometimes be confusion as to whether it is an offer or a mere […]