What do you need to consider for your website ?

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This article will list the key issues that an e-commerce business needs to consider ensuring compliance with e-commerce laws and highlight legal risks which are specific to an e-commerce business. The list is suitable for e-commerce businesses selling to consumers or other businesses. Terms of use: A website should include terms which set out the […]

Should websites be accessible to people with disabilities?

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All websites should be accessible, especially by people with disabilities. The Equality Act 2010 governs website access. All types of disabilities should be considered when designing a website or mobile application. This includes blindness, visual impairment, hearing loss and cognitive or motor impairment. The Equality Act does not specifically cover website accessibility, but it does […]

All you need to know about online Competition law!


Competition law interacts with the online sector in several ways. This includes the European Commission’s Digital Single Market strategy and the related e-commerce sector inquiry. There are few ongoing competition concerns regarding the online sector which include platform bans, geo-blocking, and resale price maintenance (RPM). It has been questioned whether the current competition regulatory framework […]

What are consumer rights?

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Many of the other articles have mentioned the Consumer Rights Act (CRA) 2015 as it is an extremely important act of parliament that governs the sale and supply of goods, services, and digital content to consumers. A consumer is defined as ‘an individual acting for the purposes that are wholly or mainly outside that individuals […]

What is geo-blocking?


Geo-blocking is technology that restricts access to internet content based upon the user’s geographical location. The Geo-blocking Regulation (EU) 2018/302 was adopted on 28 February 2018. It applies in all European Union (EU) Member States from the 3 December 2018. The regulation prohibits discrimination based on a customers’ place of residence, nationality, or place of […]